Black, White, and Boujee

Feeling good and looking good never seemed so simple.

Photos by Zea Huizar.

Winter is here, which means it’s time to start wearing more clothes and having even more opportunities to let your style shine. While the newest winter fashion trends may seem appealing, for the most part, people just want to be comfortable when it’s freezing outside. Thankfully, there are a variety of ways for a person to express themselves while also being comfortable. Here are just three of the most stylish people in Los Angeles sporting some of their best looks while still feeling relaxed.




Models pictured: Michael Santos, 24, Jacquelyn Moreno, 22, and Jordan Huizar, 21.


Huizar, 21, said that this is her go-to sweater since she is a dancer and always on the move.



Santos, 24, said on his outfit: “This is the first sweater I bought by myself with my own money.”


“Pants are always good for winter,” Jacquelyn Moreno, 22, said while walking down the steps of Los Angeles.