There will never be another band like the beatles

There will never be another band like the beatles

Jude Franco, Staff Writer June 16, 2024

The Beatles remain one of the most innovative and unique rock bands to ever exist. I could ramble...

My struggle with misophonia

My struggle with misophonia

Megan Sanders, Staff Writer June 15, 2024

Going to the movies, eating dinner with family and sitting in a classroom might sound like normal everyday...

Oftentimes, I am unintentionally my own worst enemy.

Being depressed sucks… this is my comeback from depression, ADHD and anxiety

Robbie Doctor, Staff Writer June 9, 2024

Some days are absolute shit, right? It feels good to say it. Bad days are unavoidable, but for anyone...

Trying to pick up parenting skills from strangers at the park.

What if my kid doesn’t find me funny?

Anthony Solorzano, Staff Writer June 8, 2024

During my mom’s birthday celebration two years ago, she started talking to my wife’s stomach. Her...

The American Nightmare

The American Nightmare

Ehvan Fennell June 2, 2024

Here is my fucking issue. I spend my time spending money. Things I like. Things I don't like. Some...

Dear Younger Self

Dear Younger Self

Ariel Phillips, Staff Writer June 1, 2024

“Failure is a bruise, not a tattoo” and other life lessons I wish I could tell my younger self.   Dear...

Law enforcement begins to set up for their raid on the student encampment

Knowing the Machine, Understanding the Rage, Breaking Away from Tribalism

Jacob Bertram, Staff Writer May 26, 2024

Now, a couple weeks removed from going to see the pro–Palestinian encampment at UCLA for myself on...

Fear and Loathing in Andres

Fear and Loathing in Andres

Andres Munoz, Staff Writer May 25, 2024

I hear a bump in the road as I drive. Did I hit a dog? I hear another bump in the road. Did I hit a child?...

The UC Riverside Gaza Solidarity Encampment.

A look inside Gaza Solidarity Encampments across SoCal

Adam Young, Editor in Chief May 19, 2024

On April 17, Columbia University students set up a Gaza Solidarity encampment to call their administration...

The Pandoras Box of Sports

The Pandora’s Box of Sports

Alex Ruiz, Editor in Chief May 18, 2024

Sports isn’t what it used to be. The days of watching games as a fan and enjoying the thrill of a...

Pinecones by Samuel Lewis.

The universe is your puppeteer. Embrace it.

Bryan Jimenez, Editor in Chief July 5, 2023

This article is not what it was last month.  Or the month before that. Or the year before that. This...

Fractured Fury by Joyce Chen.

Female rage in film

Brisa Gutierrez, Staff Writer July 2, 2023

Tears creep down the splotchy red cheeks of an unflinching face that hide a racing heart of constant...

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