How To Improve Your Wardrobe In 10 Easy Steps

You’re not the only guy who struggles with dressing better

Photo by Daniel Munoz

Let me guess. You want to know how to dress well but have no clue where to start. Maybe you didn’t grew up with much interest in personal style, and you never developed a natural instinct for how you should dress. You’ve searched online but are confused and overwhelmed. Well, you’re not alone.

I struggled as well. I was a terrible dresser.

When I decided to step up from hoodies and graphic tees to something more presentable, I had a hard time figuring out how to do this. Despite all my early failures, I kept trying, and eventually things started to click. I had to try out a variety of terrible fashion tips before I found the golden nuggets that worked, Eventually, I developed a much better sense of style.

I could have felt ashamed of the many years spent dressed like a slob, but instead, I feel proud. Any man can do what I did, no matter where they’re at now, and with some guidance, you can do it a lot quicker than I did.

Rule #1 Start from scratch.

Forgot what you know about style. Accept that your knowledge of fashion may be nonexistant. Or maybe what you think is fashion is outdated. Throw all those thoughts out the window. Your research over outdated fashion magazines may be why your fashion knowledge may be heading the wrong path. Misinformed men also get the fashion vocabulary wrong for example, what most guys call khakis are actually Chino’s.

Rule #2 Focus on the basics

Mastering and getting the hang of the basics will build your strong base for the future. Too many men often shoot themselves in the foot by getting the basic wardrobe wrong. You need to collect versatile wardrobe staples that match well with almost anything. For example, basic white short sleeve cotton T-shirts. Make sure the shirt has a pocket on it, otherwise people may think you are walking around in your undershirt. Another good basic staple piece are blue jeans.

Rule #3 Keep it simple

Being extravagant isn’t necessary. Fashion designer Tom Ford once said “Dressing well is a form of good manners.” Being basic doesn’t being boring. A nice pair of jeans combined with a solid basic short sleeved T-Shirt, with a navy blue blazer and some clean tennis shoes is presentable. Another basic example of an outfit is, fitted chino’s and a polo.

Rule #4 Getting the right fit

The golden rule is to getting the right fit is a priority. When buying blue jeans, make sure the jeans fit and are not baggy, and that they are tapered. If your jeans don’t fit, have them tailored. If they’re too long, have them hemmed. Unfortunately, most guys get this wrong, and this can sabotage your entire outfit. A common mistake I often see is a bad sized suit. A suit that covers half of your hand is a wardrobe foul. Some guys treat suit pants like jeans and have them oversized, which makes the man look shorter.

Rule #5 Expand your options

Now that you learned that perfect size of clothing matters, expand your options and begin to dare yourself to swim in deep waters little by little. You don’t want to be that guy that wears the same outfit day in and day out. You need a variety. Just don’t buy too much and clog up your closet.

Rule #6 Improve your knowledge

Apply what you’ve learned in the previous steps to colder weather and learn how to layer up while looking well put together. It does not mean you must wear hundreds of layers. You do not want to look like an Eskimo.

Rule #7 Forget the trends

Create a closet that will be about your lifestyle, while still being presentable. Being a trend follower does not make you original. On the other hand, being a trendsetter creates your very own personal touch and it describes you. Creating your very own style will make your outfits that much more valuable.

Develop your very own style identification. Most men think by following the latest trends will make them much more, instead this is the time where you begin creating a good closet with what you want to mix.

Rule #8 Try new things

That means exploring the suit world. For beginners, this can begin with a white button up shirt. Make sure you unbutton the first two buttons with a grey or navy blue tailored suit to create a casual well-dressed outfit for the party after a wedding. If you wish to wear a suit for a wedding, all you need to do is just add a tie to the same outfit, and voila! A gray and navy blue suit are the basic and most versatile suits you can combine.

Rule #9 Progressing to a more dressed up style

To take your wardrobe to the next level, such as proper attire to wear to weddings, events, etc, wear a suit that will make you stand out from the rest by creating a combination of colors that will match. Your entire suit does not have to be the same color. I like to mix it up and create combination of blazers with a pair of black suit pants. Do not forget the golden rule: Your suit must be the right size or you need to take it to a tailor. Now that you have a strong base, get out there and conquer the world, with a confident walk and your chin up high to show them who is the boss.

Rule #10 Turn to the experts

Turning to experts on Instagram like GentsofLA, Ruleofthumbs, and TheDapperJuan are all great examples to browse through and get ideas that can help you get ideas to create a base for your wardrobe. Be unique and play with colors in order to find the balance for your lifestyle. I had the privilege to collaborate with these menswear enthusiasts/Influencers.