Freddy Tapia of badBruno

Layers of a local L.A. punk


Freddy Tapia with his dog Pony

The L.A. music scene has been notoriously noteworthy for producing some of the most famous and seedy musicians for decades; on the other hand, L.A.’s music scene has also produced a vast amount of extremely talented, independent artists. It is no argument that Los Angeles has been a safe hub for musicians to showcase their talents and passions on small and big stages alike. Festivals and backyard gigs are a commonality to the culture of the scene. Growing up in L.A., it is hard to not see a flyer or social media posting calling out to all music lovers in the surrounding areas. Individual fans even follow their favorite local bands — weekend to weekend — star-struck and jamming out to the sound and beats of their favorite local artists; here is one of them.
Tapia playing at “Punk Rock for Premies” benefit concert


Bad Bruno Bandemic Show – Lion Skin + Athena Live Session (FINALE Part 1) – YouTube