Me, Myself and My Vibe

From pillows to a thrift store back massager, learning to not be ashamed of my sexuality was a long but fulfilling journey.


I grew up in a very traditional Filipino household. My mother, a devout Catholic, was the type that would have us go to Bible study with threats that if we didn’t we would never get married, and always sang the loudest at church. As the constant black sheep in our family, I’d gotten my sexual awakening way earlier than anyone else in my family, but I didn’t realize what I was doing or feeling at the time.

This is how I imagined it would happen. Warning, film spoilers in the clip.

Me, Exploration, and Jesus

The Internet is for Porn… and Other Things

My perception of sex thankfully changed when I turned 17 and I started to explore my sexuality more by getting into lesbian porn. While bad lesbian porn can involve being seen through the male perspective (women jamming their fingers in places they shouldn’t, etc), there were some videos that portrayed the messy, clumsy, but also authentic version of what sex is. It involved partners asking each other what the other wanted, intimacy that didn’t involve being rough, and most importantly, foreplay. It turns out people didn’t just jump into the act, but instead they prepared themselves for it, something I’d never seen before. It took years, but I realized sex could be good.

The Present: My Vibe and Me