Interview With an Entrepreneur

How a 26-year-old launched her own jewelry business and found self-love.


Taylor Hudson has created a jewelry fashion business and puts her own twist of vision to her products. Each jewelry piece is carefully crafted by hand and made with some serious attention to detail. Hudson said she cares more about the quality rather than the quantity she sells because she knows what it’s like to not receive the best. Hudson’s jewelry line is called Tayste, a brand that supports diversity and the unification of individuals.

Tell us about yourself Taylor. What inspires you to be who you are?

The events that led to building my brand were family influences and everyday lifestyle. I was always consumed by fashion. From color, shapes, and fabric, you name it…it all sparked my inner creative passions. Through my love for fashion, I realized I wanted to later create a website to put Tayste into the public eye. Having a brand is more than just a name, it’s a lifestyle. People can relate to a lifestyle.

What inspired the name Tayste?

Believe it or not, Prince. Anyone who knows me, knows, that I am obsessed with the man. There’s a scene in the movie Purple Rain that always caught my attention. It’s the scene where he goes to watch Apollonia in a bar. The bar happened to be named “The Taste.” One day it randomly clicked, Taylor and Taste and then came Tay/ste.

What is your brand motto?

Different flavors for your palate.” There’s an eclectic array of styles that people are inspired by, and it’s always a different taste each time.

What was the journey like to get you to where you are?

My journey was going in many directions. I had a lot of family issues come up, and my life was in a transition of change. I was managing a cosmetic counter for about a year, stepped down, and life hit me. I just decided I needed to focus my energy on school. Life kept throwing other issues in my life but I continued to try. I am still going and moving. Never stopping!

What keeps you grounded/inspired?

Music will continue to guide my heart. Besides music, just having the ability to acknowledge the sounds around us keeps my soul going.

What inspires your jewelry?

Nature and the beauty I see in what is already given to us. I love the reflection of color when natural light hits an object. My earrings definitely are inspired by the sunrise and sunset and how they fall on us.

What has self love taught you about this project?

Self love has taught me to be vulnerable when necessary. I’m a victim of sexual assault and I used to hide behind my tough exterior. I blamed myself for a lot of different things. One day I decided not to be the victim anymore and to truly open my heart. I accept myself for the person I am!
I want people out there to understand that they’re going to have days that are bad and no one understands you but that’s when you hear yourself most. Love is on the other side only if you choose you first.

What challenges have you faced in the process of creating your business?

I’m currently attending the Art Institute for Fashion Design. The balance I need to maintain in order to achieve what I want is one of the most challenging processes. In my business I have also learned the importance of cataloging what you buy to make sure you are profiting off what you are spending. Also, making sure that I am creating honest and quality content for my social media forms.

Where do you see your business in five years?

In five years I see my business and I taking different routes. I see this as a beginning stepping stone into another world of opportunity. This is just the beginning and it will teach me the necessary things I will need to know when I am further into my career and self growth.