Album Review: Grayscale — Nella Vita

Nella Vita is a ray of sunshine the pop-punk community didn’t know it needed.


Two years have passed since the release of their debut album, Adornment, a pop-punk masterpiece. Now, Grayscale is back with electro-funk vibes on their sophomore album, Nella Vita. Italian for “in life,” the album title encompasses the tone for the entirety of the album. Although the Philadelphia band is known for incorporating personal experiences into their music, what sets this album apart is maintaining that voice with an optimistic outlook.

“I think I’m better than/ Just giving up in the pouring rain.”

The 12-track record goes through the real-life experiences from the band and tells their story in a mature way. Their lyrics hint at addiction, drugs, and loss but with a lighter feel. They tell their story from a different perspective.

“I’d give it all just to feel that alive again,” are lyrics from the first track on the album, ‘Just Right.’ The song immediately gives off a sweet nostalgic feeling as you ponder a past relationship.

‘Young’ is a lively funk, electro-pop number that’ll have you grooving out. Giving me some ‘The Sound’ by The 1975 vibes, the song is a self-worth anthem letting listeners know that they deserve more for themselves. “I think I’d rather love than be a heart of stone that can’t be saved.” This song lets people know it does get better and to give it your all while you’re still ‘Young.’

‘Old Friends,’ is about grieving and having to live every day with that loss. “Do my best to smile through this till we can talk it out like old friends.” I resonated with this because I know there is no worse feeling than wanting to talk to someone that is no longer here. Even with sad lyrics I still found myself singing along to every word. The cheerful and uplifting beat makes a farewell not seem so bad. It’s a song that is not a goodbye, but a see you next time.

The album takes a slow turn with the acoustic melody ‘Asbury.’ “Maybe one last time I’ll see you as gold,” the bittersweet number is about shutting the door to past relationships and falling into old habits. It gives people a chance to let go.

Nella Vita closes with the emotional track, ‘Tommy Song’ that starts off with a piano melody that transitions to a beautifully layered bridge before ending with uplifting choir vocals.

Life isn’t all sunshine and rainbows, but there is beauty in the fragmented moments and ways to feel whole. Nella Vita lets you know there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Grayscale does a great job of allowing listeners to be in their emotions but also raise their spirits. My favorite tracks include ‘Young,’ ‘Old Friends,’ and ‘Asbury.’ I give this album a 9/10.

Nella Vita is currently available to stream on major platforms. Grayscale is currently on their first headlining North American tour, supported by Bearings, Belmont, and Rich People.