10 Secrets of Happiness

No, really. Some of these will work.

10 Secrets of Happiness

One thing I learned in the chaotic blur of my high school years was to block out the idea of ever being truly happy. We can talk about all the coping mechanisms we used to use/still use all day, wondering who has it the worst. I kept myself stuck in that cycle for too long. Here are some things I use to clear my head, have a laugh, or even have a good cry for.

Pets, Pets, Pets!

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For me, animals are a must in any emotional crisis moment! My dog has always been a support for me since I adopted her. If you don’t own any pets, that’s okay! Dogs and cats at the shelters and rescues could always use some love and visitation!

Listen to Music

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Music is almost always available at all times. Whether you make it, listen to it or dance to it music will always fuel the fun in life. I will admit the right playlist can give you tears. When that happens, I see it as a release of toxic energy built into my body chased out by the tune. Music will give you a cry, a laugh, a smile and everything else you’re needing.

Allow Rest

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Mentally exhausted = Psychically exhausted.

Naps are a must when you’re not feeling great. I do understand the tricky part of once you lay down, you will refuse to get up. My recommendation would be to keep your nap as short as possible according to the amount of rest you need. I’m still trying to master that task.

What Are You Grateful For?

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I have been asking myself this question a lot. I tend to look over how great my life is. I understand that some people don’t have it as easy but even gathering a few little things will do the trick! I have started to reflect on all the negatives I focused on during the day and finding the little things in them to make it feel better. Try it!

Communication/Cleansing From Toxic People

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I believe these two go hand and hand in with one another. Communication is key to keeping a clear mindset! Some of us may be communicating with the wrong people. Making sure those people are out of your life is ideal for picking up where you want to start on a journey to happiness. If they’re not rooting for you, then why are they in your life?

Self Care is a Must

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What is self-care to you? Smoke some weed, take a shower/bath, or even go out for a short walk. Self-care doesn’t have to be a full skin routine accompanied by an essential oil-filled bath with premium bubbles. I believe that self-care can come in many different ways, little or big. If the skin routine and fancy bath is the way to go, props to you! A perfect self-care day that works for me contains some smoke, good music, and a nice shower followed by a bath in no particular order. Do what makes you feel good. Again, self-care can come in many different ways. Get some work done if that’s your idea of self-care!

Lifestyle (Diet and Exercise)

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Happiness isn’t only how you treat the mind, it goes hand and hand with your body too! Staying on a healthier diet full of nutrition keeps your brain happier than you’d think! Picking foods rich in nutrients helps the brain power along with your body. Moving will also get your head in a good space. Short workouts are just as helpful as longer ones. Remember Everything in moderation! If you want that Costco muffin you have all the rights in the world to eat it.

Stay True to You!

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I’ll admit it: trying to change constantly to fit in with the environment around you is exhausting! As soon as I realized that I’ll forever be who I am, I decided that I should stay true to what I know. Change is usually good but forcing it won’t help you in the short term or long term. If you feel uncomfortable being yourself, take a look at who’s around you. Could they be influencing your insecurities about breaking free from a changing person always will to please others?

It’s Okay to be Busy

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I hate to hear this as much as I hate to say this. Being busy isn’t bad. It can keep your mind occupied from whatever may be holding you back at that time. I’ve found that school and work can be a safe space for forgetting other things and putting your focus on the task at hand. Not to say we shouldn’t be getting rest. Rest is vital to keeping busy.

Patience and Understanding Happiness

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Happiness takes time and is not a linear process. Sadly, you won’t be happy 100% of your life. Life comes with its ups and downs. Understanding these things will help realize how beautiful life is. Life isn’t a straight line of events and the ups and downs are merely entertainment until you reach your goal. Remember, up and downs happen and will always continue to happen. It’s part of life and all you have to do is brush yourself off after and do better the next time. Life can come at you from all different directions at once. How you handle it could make or break the situation. Patience and understanding are ideal in tough situations.

Coping Skills to Use

This list can spark ideas in your head for use when going through a hard time or even for a boost of extra happiness.

  • Spend time with a pet available to you! As I mentioned, shelter visits work too!
  • Dig out some creativity! For all the artists and non-artists out there, tapping into your creative side can have a highly positive effect on you. Write, draw, paint, design, etc.
  • Go outside! Nature is a very humbling thing for me. The world will keep on working around us no matter what’s going on in life. Appreciate the life this planet gave us. I believe the planet needs our energy as well to grow.
  • Tap into your spiritual side! Religion may or may not be your thing and for myself, I tend to get into the spiritual side of the Earth and the energies around me. Find something that works for you!
  • Put on a face mask! Self-explanatory. Go pick out one that makes your skin feel great for a refreshing outlook on yourself.

Trial and error are important in finding what makes you happy. If something doesn’t work, keep trying new things until something does. Something that didn’t work for you before can always turn around to be the right thing later in life! I am living proof of it!

Live for you. Love for you. Appreciate you.