Quarantined Chic

4 staples to keep you looking good during the pandemic

Graphic by Kristen Sanchez

Want to know what’s hot this quarantine season? Whether you’re hopping on and off Zoom calls, working from home, or getting gussied up for your weekly grocery hoarding trip, here are some indoor essentials you never knew you needed because this fall and winter, business casual just got a whole new meaning.

The Grey Sweatpant

Pictured: https://www.tobi.com/product/68810-tobi-better-days-lace-up-pants?color_id=98993

Classic. Timeless. Effortless. Grey sweatpants have become a household favorite this social distancing season for their versatility. Easily transition from day to night by cuffing up your favorite pair of simple grey sweats as you take your daily trips from the living room to the fridge. If you’re feeling special, add your favorite t-shirt in a tie knot for the perfect front to backyard look. Slouchy or sassy, this basic will help you achieve any desired quarantined look.

The Plaid Pajama Pants

Pictured: https://www.target.com Cozy Pajamas

We know that at a time like this, talk of jeans is practically taboo and that’s why a perfect alternative to get you in that polished feel-good mood without compromising your comfort is a trusty pair of plaid pajama pants. There’s nothing like an exciting yet sophisticated print to lift your spirits. With such a variety of prints and styles, unleash your cabin fever by searching for the perfect pair or match with the entire family.

The chunky knit sweater

Pictured: https://www.vencano.com/

Want to feel especially cute while staying inside? The chunky knit sweater is your perfect option. With just the perfect amount of itchiness to keep you on your toes, you’ll surely feel your most productive to accomplish those quarantine tasks everyone keeps raving about. There is nothing like the right sweater to get you in the mood for your desired quarantined glow up or cleaning that pesky shower drain you’ve been meaning to get to.

The Onesie

Pictured: https://oldnavy.gap.com/

Now, of course, any self-respecting adult’s quarantined closet should include the perfect onesie. If not, you must get your hands on one this fall season to have you feeling unstoppable for yet another cozy day in. Wearing a fun onesie will surely spice up your daily mundane home routine for whenever you’re feeling a particularly strong case of the quarantine blues. While being both comfortable and efficient, you’ll find yourself reaching for this one-step outfit every day.