6 Steps to Isolation Vacation

How to make lockdown feel like a self-care extravaganza


I know we all (maybe) want to go back to work, see our friends, and go back to “normal.” You’re not alone, I promise! Self-isolation can be very mentally and physically tough.

I’ve noticed 6 key things that can help anyone during these times to stay busy, happy, and sane.

1. Wake up early

This will help you structure and plan your day. Even if you have nothing to plan, it’s nice to compartmentalize your day, as you would with work, school, homework, social situations, etc. Take this time to wake up slowly, you’re not in a rush for once. Wake up, stay in bed, read a book, journal, think, or make coffee and healthy breakfast. Mornings might be something you’ve never been able to enjoy. I can assure you they’re glorious, give them a try.

This also gives you a moment to do yoga, exercise, or go for a run. Make sure you get up and move at some point in the day. Isolation gives anxiety and depression room to creep in. Make sure you’re releasing those endorphins! Having a stable sleeping pattern will help you out a lot as well. I know going to bed at 5 a.m. is easy and completely acceptable during this time, but try not to do that to yourself, you get the best sleep at the latest hours, not the earliest. So make sure you develop a way to keep your sleep pattern controlled, regulated, and restful.

2. Deep condition

I’ve been soaking my hair in castor oil, coconut oil, and any other oil beauty guru’s say will make my hair grow six inches in two days. This is the time I’m able to do all these things because as good as they are, oils will often leave (my) hair greasy. As for the skin products that are amazing for your skin but don’t seem to sit well under your makeup, apply them as much as your heart desires! Your hair and skin will love you! I also feel like I have so many habits I wish I could adhere to but there’s always something that interrupts my pattern building. This quarantine allows me to develop all the good habits I want because there are no interruptions! They say it takes 21 days to develop a habit.

3. Shower (please)

It’s really easy for me to roll from my bed, to the couch, back to my bed while watching Netflix simultaneously. By showering in the morning and doing a two hour get ready routine, you will A) feel like a million bucks, B) feel your absolute best, and C) officially be ready for the day. Make sure you take the time to do what makes you feel good. This goes with exercising to release endorphins. It is really important during isolation to feel happy, good and like you still have full control over something. My morning showers are a major staple of my day that help me start or end my day. You might discover that taking care of yourself is really important to you and something you’ll put more effort into on a regular daily basis once this isolation is all over. A good mental trick is to have that moment in your day where you transition from night time to day time. Even if you’re wearing sweatpants and pajamas all day every day. Having your night time attire separate from your day attire can help you feel more awake and can bring a sense of mental clarity. An, “Ahh, let’s do today” type of feeling.

4. Cook good wholesome meals

Cooking has been doing so much for me lately! I forgot how much I loved cooking, I stopped due to my busy schedule. I was eating out so much before isolation because it was easier, being on the run all the time from here to there. If you’re like me your body will love you for this. Cooking can also be therapeutic for some people. Make a cute aesthetic plate for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Cook for your family or bake old recipes you’ve away wanted to try. The key thing here is to take advantage of this free time! Do things you’ve always wanted to do but never had time for. I guarantee you’ll find a couple of new loves for a hobby, lifestyle, or ritual. You could find new ways to deal with anxiety or find a sense of clarity you didn’t know you lacked before. Practice self-control when it comes to drinking, you could save money like this as well, even drop a few pounds without even trying. Take advantage of your kitchen during these times!

5. Clean, sort, organize

I have never had a spring cleaning moment like the ones I’ve experienced in this quarantine and I’m obsessed with the feeling. Cleaning, and organizing every room and area in my house makes me feels SO good. If you’re anxiety-prone, especially right now this can give you a sense of peace. Get rid of things you’ve held on to for too long, get your closet ready for those upcoming summer days, and maybe even move some things around. This can also be a form of therapy. Take your time, get comfortable, and go through every drawer and room in your house. It’s instantly gratifying and productive, two great feelings!

6. Learn something new

I’ve really been jealous of kids these days simply going to school then going to piano lessons or extracurricular actives for the sake of learning an instrument, hobby, language, or just for fun. Learn an instrument! Amazon has kiddie instruments that are reasonably priced for beginners. Learn a new language! With so many amazing online programs and Netflix movies in so many languages, this is an incredible time to learn! Be curious about what else is out there. Try new things just because. It’s amazing to discover something about yourself that you really enjoy. Now it’s so easy to learn so many things with all of the online resources available!

Most of all, remember that this is a pandemic and not a race on who can be the most productive. Don’t give yourself too much grief if you’re not coming up with the next theory on gravity. This will be over soon. Hopefully, this helps a bit in the meantime. Happy quarantine!