8 Things to Do After Quarantine

The things we took for granted


Joni Mitchell said it best in her song “Big Yellow Taxi”: “You don’t know what you’ve got ’til it’s gone.” I am sure the phrase is something we can all relate to during this period of isolation. Overly dramatic? Possibly, but I know none of us realized how much our contact with the outside world shaped and affected our daily lives. Staying inside seems like heaven… for the first couple of days. It’s like summer vacation with no school. Almost. If you don’t count the fatal virus spreading around as easily as butter in a heated saucepan. Then you start to realize this isn’t as relaxing and enjoyable as you thought it was going to be.

Here is a list of eight things you should definitely do when this is all over.

1. Eyebrows

Lord, how we have taken our brow ladies for granted. I know you can do them at home, but can we agree it just isn’t the same? Go and get those bad boys shaped and thank your eyebrow lady for helping make your face symmetrical.

2. Korean BBQ

Who else never thought they could miss good food so much until they realized cooking is a pain in the ass? Korean BBQ is truly a gift. I highly suggest going out for some if you have never had it. Don’t forget to add salt and brisket sauce to your meat and pretend like you know what you’re doing.

3. Applebee’s $1 Drinks

This shit is so cheap and I suggest trying it if you haven’t. Getting buzzed with your friends for the price of $4? Nothing beats that. These drinks will lead to intellectually stimulating debates like whether or not John Mulaney is sexy (the consensus is, yes, he is sexy).

4. Movies

We grew up going to the movie theater, so I know you miss it. Watching movies at home isn’t the same as showing up late to a showing and rushing to order overpriced popcorn and soda with your friends or significant other. The TV at home can’t compare to the big ass movie screen or the unnecessarily loud surround sound. Definitely go out and enjoy a movie when this is all over.

5. See family

If you happen to get along with your family, I suggest going out and seeing them when this is over. No doubt this quarantine has changed them mentally and/or physically. It’ll be nice to see familiar faces after this time apart.

6. Give a gift

This one is sarcastic, but you could actually do it. There’s no harm in gifting those you have spent your quarantine with something nice for putting up with you. You’ve probably bumped heads a few times because you are not used to seeing so much of each other. Get them a nice candle that says, “Hey, sorry for kind of being an asshole.”

7. Disneyland

I know tickets and passes are expensive, but if you miss theme parks, this is the one you should go to. While it doesn’t have many thrill rides, no one else does it like Disney. They pay so much attention to detail, it really feels like you are in another world when you are there. Go and spend some time on the rides and soak up the magic.

8. Hug your friends

Your friends more than likely miss you as much as you miss them. FaceTime can’t compare to sitting in the McDonald’s parking lot being upset because they forgot to ask for your BBQ sauce. The next time you see your friends you don’t have to cry and reenact a reunion scene from a movie, but you should definitely hug them… then go out for some Korean BBQ.