Today: A Series Highlighting Quarantined Life

Until the End of Time


Justin Timberlake once said “I woke up this morning, Heard the TV sayin’ something,‘Bout disaster in the world and It made me wonder where I’m going.”

Much like Timberlake, the disastrous COVID-19 makes me wonder where I’m going or where the world is headed.

Before, I feared a loss of real-life connection in a technology-induced world. I wondered where future generations would be headed, as more and more newborns practically come out the womb with the latest iPhone.

While technology has made payphones, The Yellow Pages, and newspapers, become antiquated, it made me realize that the feeling or longing for real-life connection will never die (much like I thought it would).

So in conclusion, I don’t know where the world or myself is headed. But what I do know is that self-quarantine has given me a lot of time to think (arguably too much time). And I learned that I shouldn’t take certain things for granted and also…that I miss the girls and the BARS.