7 Reasons Why You Should Play Cookie Run: Ovenbreak

It’s got dragons, a knight, a pirate, a ninja, a devil, an angel, and cookies! What more do you need?


At some point in your life, you have probably played at least one mobile game. Whether this means downloading a version of solitaire, a match-three puzzle game, an idle game, or even something as simple as “Flappy Bird,” varies from person to person. In many cases though, these apps come and go far too frequently. We download the app, we play for a good while, then some features get annoying and the game gets a little boring. We then come to the end of the app’s lifecycle where the game gets deleted from our screens. However, there is one game out there that has the potential to beat those odds the moment you let it run into your life.

“Cookie Run: Ovenbreak,” also known as CROB, is a mobile game created by Devsisters that could be summarized as a game where you play as various cookies scoring points while running for as far as you can by dodging obstacles and collecting various jellies. While it may seem like a silly child’s game at first, a simple summary can’t do this game justice. So, if you’re still hesitant to download this game, here are several reasons you should at least give it a try no matter your age or playstyle

1. No Ads!

Plenty of games can say they are free to play before bombarding you with ads that play pretty much every time you pass a level. You get five minutes of gameplay and 30 seconds of ads that you can attempt to click out of before being sent to check out their page on the app store — which, nowadays, looks absolutely nothing like what was advertised. Even in games that don’t automatically throw ads everywhere, players can be pressured into watching ads in order to earn special in-game currency in order to move forward. In any case, anyone can agree that ads are terribly tedious and absolutely annoying

In CROB, you won’t ever have to look at a single ad while playing. Gameplay remains fairly uninterrupted with the exception of maybe a couple pop-ups in a single gamemode that gives you the option to watch an ad. While the option is there for special bonuses such as 20 gems or extra coins, there is no pressure to watch as the rewards could easily be made up for as you play.

2. It’s Completely Free to Play

Like I said earlier, you don’t have to pay a single cent to play this game. However, unlike many other games there is no pressure to use real money to buy anything like boosters or bonuses in order to get ahead. Just like with ads, the option is there with plenty of packages being available to provide players with extra goods that can make leveling up faster, but the game rewards players often enough that you don’t even have to think about making a purchase for extra gems and gacha machine passes. CROB could be played entirely for free without getting slowed down by a lack of obligatory funding.

3. Endless Gameplay

Without ads or payments bogging you down, you have the ability to play without interruptions. By that, I truly mean you can spend a whole day playing without stopping.

While many games have a cap on how many times you can play with life or energy systems, CROB basically gives players endless runs. On most days, cookies — the playable characters of the game — have 10 chances to run before getting burned out and needing to rest for a couple hours. However, the price to refresh them immediately is cheap — 20 gems which could easily be earned back — and there’s still the option of just working with and leveling up other cookies in your collection. Along with this, two days out of the week are given the “Burning Days” bonus of having endless stamina for completely never ending fun.

4. Easy to Play, Hard to Master

This is where “Cookie Run: Ovenbreak” surpasses many other mobile games. The game mechanics themselves are easy to learn and there is no steep learning curve as you will only ever need two buttons to dodge obstacles and use most abilities. The gacha machines that help level up your cookies, pets, and treasures are easy to get tickets for, but reaching those maximum levels can take some dedication.

With enough time and patience, though, you can burn through your quests, earn plenty of rewards, and make it up to the Champion’s League to really test your mettle. Here, the training wheels are off and it’s time to see how far you’ve come with powerful combos and special treasures to help you score as many points as you can.

5. Plenty of Gamemodes

No matter what kind of gameplay you like, there’s a little something for everyone. Cookie Trials give players plenty of levels connected to cookies and their stories with plenty of rewards for reaching certain scores and finishing missions. They are a great way to get familiar with your cookies and get a quick play in without having to dedicate too much of your time. Trophy Race and the Champion’s League is where players can go to compete online with people all over the world. Breakout is a longer relay-race-like gamemode where players take their best cookies and treasures and play through multiple levels with increasing difficulty. Then there is the Guild Run where players can team up to compete with other guilds. And finally, there is the Island of Memories which works on a 3-star point system with limited runs, but more challenges.

6. Tons of Fun Characters

In case you haven’t caught onto it by now, you should know that there are so many characters you can play with and get connected to while playing. Every cookie has a unique ability, story, and personality. Plus, building up your affection by running with them, gifting them items, or even letting them sit in your homescreen, can give players some insight on their relationships with other cookies in your collection. Most cookies come with pets with their own quirks, and magic candies that give cookies an extra boost including more powers and point bonuses. Currently, there are 107 cookies to collect and level up and more are still on the way.

7. Frequent Updates and Great Developers

Recently, Devsisters, the creators of “Cookie Run: Ovenbreak” have been working overtime on making this app the great game it is today. This includes giving players updates pretty much every month with previews and announcements being uploaded to their Youtube channel. These updates keep players engaged with new events with big rewards, possible new gameplay modes, new characters to collect and play, and even upgrades or changes to existing assets. Plus, the developers of the game are very responsive to feedback and often work to remedy glitches, bugs, and other issues that may pop up with new updates, while compensating players happily for the inconvenience.

“Cookie Run: Ovenbreak” is a brilliant game that knows how to keep its players active and engaged. It has fun and simple gameplay that is easy for anyone to pick up and quick gamemodes to pass the time. It’s great to sink into during your free time and it’s sure to keep kids busy for a while the next time they ask if you have games on your phone. The opportunities to earn rewards and level up provide a nice boost of serotonin to the brain, and sometimes that simplicity is all you need.