7 Insane Coronavirus Conspiracy Theories You’ve Seen On the Internet

A penny for your theory?


If you’re on the internet for more than an hour a day chances are you’ve seen a tweet, post, comment, or thread questioning COVID-19. No matter the situation there are always people who believe the opposite of what they are told giving way for some intense conspiracy theories.Here are seven of the most insane CoronaVirus conspiracy theories.

COVID-19 escaped from a Chinese lab

When COVID-19 first started making its rounds, this was one of the top conspiracy theories. This one began to spread because of Trump, so you know it can’t be right. And Trump still refers to COVID-19 as the “China Virus.” Not only is this racist, it’s absurd, and untrue. ZERO proof.


COVID is a plot by “Big Pharma”.

This one isn’t that hard to believe. There’s a huge virus, a pill is finally thought up and available for large amounts of money, we take the pill, boom we’re back to our regular life and the creators of the pill are filthy rich. ZERO proof.


Bill Gates is using COVID-19 to install human trackers

If “Big Pharma” isn’t trying to gain from us, is it possible Bill Gates is? Could the cure sho also be an excuse for Bill Gates to eject us with a human tracker? Bill Gates has donated $250 Million in to help fight the pandemic. This is just ridiculous. ZERO proof.


COVID-19 will usher in a New World order

It’s no surprise during this pandemic we have all found a “new normal” but what if that new normal is a plan to erase the order that we knew and COVID-19 is a hoax to get us all into this new world order that’s being formed? Nah. ZERO proof to this theory.


Illuminati (New York Post)

You know that one episode of the eight season of American Horror Story when the illuminati is gathered around a table with a manual on how the world is going to end? What if that was based on real life? Nope. ZERO proof.


Death rates are inflated


When you can’t have your way, why not make up a conspiracy theory? The conspiracy that the number of deaths aren’t as high as the news is telling us was thought up by none other than the far right. Sound a little off? That’s because this conspiracy was thought up as a way to dismiss stay at home orders and avoid social distancing amongst the other things. ZERO proof.


COVID isn’t real

Conspiracy theorists questioned “what if this was just the flu, and people dying are dying from an undefined factor?” This is the one that goes hand-in hand with the conspiracy that death rates are inflated. This is only a conspiracy theory because there are some people that want an excuse to overlook quarantine and social distancing. Zero proof.

In other words, if you can’t fact check it through a reliable source… don’t believe it. Here are two excellent sites to fact check if a story or theory is untrue. Snopes.com, Politifact.com