5 Ways to Entertain Kids During Quarantine

Advice from a nanny


With the stay at home order keeping us from the normal socialization and interaction we are all accustomed to, it can seem hard to normalize the everyday lives of kids who don’t have an understanding of what is going on.

Even with stay-at-home orders slowly lifting and as we move through new phases. it still may require some extra time at home. As I nanny to three young children, I am constantly looking at ways to keep kids engaged. These are activities we do just about every day.

Young girl finishes up her mandala chalk art. (Photo taken by Emerald Fimbres)

Chalk Work


Chalk is a great way to engage kids. It is fun and has the potential to be educational too. There are so many improvised games you can try. It also helps keep them active! One way is to shout out various shapes and have them draw it. For older ones you can have them write numbers as high as they can go, then give them equations in which they answer by standing on the corresponding answer. The possibilities for this are endless. If all else fails, have them start a new art concept. The girls I nanny love making mandalas and utilizing various shapes we have been learning.

Board Games


It has been a challenge to keep the kids away from electronics when there is much to be done. Board Games have great potential because younger kids aren’t as aware of them with all the current technology on hand. I’ve noticed that once kids learn about them and play them, they become entertained. Once they get the hang of it, they love it! It also teaches them how to complete something fun!

Cooking and Baking


It is not often before that we had enough time in the day to make a big kitchen mess. Come up with a fun baking activity and let kids do all the work. They learn basic skills and have fun coming up with sweet things to eat. Especially with recipes like sugar cookies where kids can make various shapes.


Daily Walks

Three young girls on a walk. (Photo taken by Emerald FImbres)

Go out on a daily walk and let kids determine the route. Give them options that will lead them home. Come up with challenges on each walk that keep them engaged. Ask them to find different bugs, count how many mailmen they see, count the different types of flowers on the walk. This can be a fun way to figure out what kinds of outside interests they have.


Have a Daily School Activity

A young girl using online resources for learning. (Photo taken by Emerald Fimbres)

Block off a period of time each day in which kids will do activities they would do in school. This can be anything from arts and crafts to math and English/Literatureliv games. Write letters to friends and family, use flashcards and see who can guess the words on them first. Even making flashcards with the words or equations can be a school activity in itself. If there’s not enough time to sit down and work on stuff, it can be helpful to use an educational website such as Starfall.com that provides various games, videos, and reading tools to engage kids in a fun learning experience.

It is a good time to find ways to connect and engage with kids at this time. It is hard enough to grasp the reality of not being able to interact as they usually do and these small everyday activities can bring comfort to their hearts and minds. Stay safe.