8 Things You Need to Watch on YouTube Right Now

No subscription needed!


During this crucial time, social media and streaming services probably feel like the only thing that’s keeping us from going absolutely insane. Between the Twitter jokes about how we’re gonna link up with our homies and never stay home after quarantine to how obnoxiously addicting Tik Tok is, (no seriously I’m still tryna learn how to renegade!), we are depending on the internet for entertainment way more than we already were. According to Buisnessoftheapps, Netflix and Hulu were both on the rise in late 2019 so we can only imagine how much those numbers have spiked since late March when the quarantine was first placed in effect. With that rise comes the rise of listicles telling us the best things to watch on those glorious streaming services. But what about the free content?! We have to have free entertainment from somewhere. During this difficult time, not everyone may have $12 to spend on a Netflix subscription. So where can we get hours and hours of free content to cure us of our boredom? Youtube of course.

YouTube has been everyone’s go-to before stay at home orders were in place. The site is bursting with free content — if you want a quick and simple DIY, a good laugh, or something to really mess with your brain, you’ll find it all on YouTube. Here are 8 Youtube channels/series that you need to check out now.

  1. Shane Dawson Conspiracy Theories

At this point, if you haven’t watched these videos DO IT! Not only will these videos keep you busy for hours if not days, you will never see the world the same.

2. Sam and Colby

Since we’re on the subject of all things spooky and unexplainable, Sam and Colby venture into abandoned, sometimes haunted hotels, parks, colleges — you name it. Think of them as your modern-day Ghostbusters.

3. LoeyLane

Not only is her channel a mixture of story times, clothing hauls, and body positive messages but she is the queen of conspiracy theories and all things spooky and questionable.

4. Escape the Night

A YouTube Red Original, 10 YouTubers are invited to attend a dinner party at a mansion that has been locked in 1920. Uh, what? Trust me on this one! The acting is a little rocky but the storyline takes the series to a whole new level.

5. The Reality House

Created by YouTubers Kian Lawley and JC Caylen, 10 YouTubers compete for $25,000 by completing challenges that are definitely a little questionable. Think “Big Brother” meets “Fear Factor.” Even if you don’t know any of the YouTubers competing by the end you’ll have a favorite.

6. KianAndJc

Besides “the Reality House,” KnJ keep subscribers entertained with their own shenanigans. They do the stupid stuff so you don’t have to.

7. Navarose

Transforming your dad’s old polo shirt into a cute two-piece set? Yes please. Navarose will have you leaving this quarantine with a whole new wardrobe.

8. BrandyTV

BrandyTV turns herself into characters one edible at a time. Settle in and get ready for a good ass laugh.

Happy watching!