Series: Letters to My Younger Self

Note to self: Have a plan


As time goes by you get older, and the older that you get, the wiser you become. Plan your future now instead of taking it day by day. Don’t just go with the flow of things. Going with the flow will cost you a lot of wasted time. As I learned, my biggest regret was not having a plan after high school.

Go to college immediately following high school. I wasted five years of my life working at a dead-end job until I finally realized that my life was going nowhere, and that I hated my job. Why work for a job that you hate and have to wake up every day to go to that job? If you go to college, you have the ability to choose whatever career field that interests you, as long as you put in the effort. I am not saying that going to college at a later time is the worst thing to do. I am just trying to steer you in a direction that will help you be more successful at a younger age.

Another important piece of advice that I would give you is that family time is crucial. Spending as much time with family is the most important thing because, as I learned later in life, when they are gone you will never get another moment with them again. All of those times that you put off seeing them will haunt you. Prioritize family time over everything. Family is the most important thing in the world.

Every day is a lesson and as long as you are learning from your experiences, there really is no wrong direction in life.