College. Can You Do It All?

A college student’s method for managing a busy schedule while still having fun


I saw the image below and it made me wonder: Is it really possible to be a good student and still have a social life, extracurriculars, hobbies and fun? The answer, my friends, is a resounding yes. Yes it is possible.

I know very few students — and I went to community college before attending my current university — who just do school and nothing else. Many college students work and go to school because of how expensive it is.

Then there are various clubs and organizations to get involved in on campus as well as volunteer opportunities and internships available. I highly doubt that the majority of students go to class and then go home and do nothing.

Personally, I find it easy to be involved on campus and be a good student. When I tell people what is on my plate and they take a peak at my schedule, they ask me if I’m crazy or if I’m tired.

Most people will tell you it’s all about balance. Actually, balance is an illusion. It’s all about time.Time is elusive, especially to college students who have no idea how to manage it. But it is the key to success, not only in college, but in life.

I read this on a website and have never forgotten it: “Minutes matter.” Minutes matter because by the end of the day, these minutes add up to hours. So how does one manage their time in such a way that enables them to go to class, eat healthy, work out regularly, work, get involved in clubs, volunteer, go out with friends and see family on weekends?

By using minutes wisely. Do not procrastinate. Get a planner and use it. When it’s time to get something done, sit the hell down and do it.

Now, I know the way college kids think — “I try not to procrastinate but it just happens.” It happens because we all need discipline. I’m not saying that I don’t procrastinate because I do and I always regret it afterwards. What I am saying is that if you have a planner and you write things down that the discipline will follow but you have to want it.

This website, How to Study in College, has helped me more than I will ever be able to express in words. Some of the words in this post have come from this website because they are ingrained in my mind now.I’ve tried so many times to get others to read this site, but they never do.

I’m not pulling these words out of my ass: You can do it all and not end up crying on your couch watching Netflix if you just learn how to do it.

Need further convincing? Right now, I am:

Taking 15 units


Involved in four clubs and on the executive board of three

Rushing a sorority

Working as a Park Council Director

Working as an anchor for Sundial Radio

Creating a program to help students in sobriety.

All this and I’m not burned out. I’m keeping up my GPA and I’m not tired. I’m enjoying myself. So yes, it’s possible.

Ebony Hardiman is a former staff writer on the college newspaper and magazine. She is currently attending California State University, Northridge.

This story is a part of a special alumni series. Students who have graduated or transferred from Mt. San Antonio’s journalism program are featured weekly.