Clockwork Orange. He’s Crazier Than Alex!

The eerie similarities of Donald Trump and Alex DeLarge.


With his perceived calls to assassinate a rival candidate, encouragement of violence against political protesters at rallies, his mocking of a disabled reporter, and his treatment of women, Donald Trump’s campaign for the presidency is closer to an adaption of Clockwork Orange than a presidential campaign. Upon examination, it’s easy to see that Trump has multiple similarities with Clockwork Orange’s main character, Alex DeLarge.

They Have a Way With Words

“The devotchka was smacking away and not caring about the wicked world one bit.”

Trump and Alex both have a way with words that likely leaves listeners of both men completely confused about what they are saying. The confusion from listening to Alex comes from his use of a combination of Slavic words, English, and Cockney Rhyming slang while Trump is just speaking nonsense caused by a lack of understanding of politics.

They Turn Against Their Friends and Supporters

Alex and Trump are also known to turn on their not so loyal supporters. While Alex turned on two of his “Droogs” after learning that they wanted to assert control away from him, Trump has turned on traditional supporters of the Republican party like his public feud with a Gold Star family after they spoke at the Democratic National Convention. Trump delayed his support for House Speaker Paul Ryan and Senator John McCain for their primary races after Ryan was slow to support Trump after he won the nomination.

Mistreatment of Women

Possibly the closest connection between the Republican nominee and Clockwork Orange’s main character is their treatment of women. While Trump is notorious for his name calling and verbal mistreatment of women, such as with Rosie O’Donnell and Megyn Kelly, he and Alex are both connected to the rape of women. Alex clearly rapes a woman in Clockwork Orange while Trump has been accused of rape on multiple occasions. Not only are both connected to rape but both are connected to having sex with minors, as Alex does in the original book, and Trump is accused of allegedly doing it at parties of registered sex offender Jeffrey Epstein.

Claims to Love The Bible and Violence

Trump, as most Republican politicians do, has claimed to love The Bible throughout his presidential campaign. However, Trump’s claim has been questioned on multiple occasions, especially after he called 2 Corinthians the wrong name using the word two instead of second. It wouldn’t be surprising if Trump viewed The Bible similar to how Alex views it, being the one to whip Jesus as he carries the cross on his back. Considering Trump’s stances on immigration, it wouldn’t be surprising if in 2 Corinthians, Trump sees himself as the people of Corinth who criticize Paul the Apostle for the way he speaks and writes.

Takes Other People’s Money and Souvenirs

The last comparison between Trump and Alex would be to compare Alex’s role as a thief and the questionable actions of the Trump Foundation. While Alex is a straight up thief stealing people’s money and valuables, Trump could be considered a more indirect thief. Recently it had been reported that Trump used money from the Trump Foundation to buy himself a signed helmet from Tim Tebow and a six-foot-tall portrait of himself.

And anyone so egotistical that they would take charity money to purchase a six-foot tall portrait of himself, is likely crazier than Alex.

The scariest part? Alex isn’t running for president of the United States. Trump is.



Header graphic of Trump as Alex DeLarge by Beatrice Alcala.