Quiz: Would You End Up With Your LOML at the End of a Hallmark Movie?

Who said Hallmark movies are always happily ever after?


Quiz by Angelica Cruz and Hallmark Movie Expert Ferry Baylon

Hallmark has become the channel anyone can go to if they’re looking to watch heart-warming, mushy romance movies. Even if you’ve only seen a handful, it’s not hard to figure the formula of a Hallmark movie. Two people meet by chance, fall in love, get into a big argument, then finally get back together at the end as if destiny had all of this planned the whole time.

But what if fate decided to have other plans?

Take this quiz to see if your choices will lead you going home with your true love, or going to the supermarket for some Ben and Jerry’s.

Instructions: Answer these six questions, and add up the numbers next to your answer. Once you get your total, scroll to the end to get true love’s kiss or true love’s diss.

1. What’s your occupation?

A. Librarian (1 point)
B. Reporter (4 points)
C. Photographer (3 points)
D. Baker (2 point)

2. How Do You Meet?

A. At the park walking your adorable dog (4 points)
B. Stuck in the elevator (3 points)
C. On a dating app (2 points)
D. You met by fate, it was definitely meant to be (1 point)

3. What’s your first date?

A. Drive-in movie where you cuddle during the scary parts (3 points)
B. Drunken karaoke at a bar (Think “27 Dresses”) (2 points)
C. A fun trip to the arcade where you win a big stuffed animal (4 points)
D. A sporting event where you get matching jerseys (1 point)

4. Do you have a one-night stand after the date?

A. I’m not sure yet (1 points)
B. Never (3 points)
C. What’s a one-night stand? (2 points)
D. I’ll be right back 😏 (4 points)

5. What’s your big “Big Fight” about?

A. They lied about their secret identity (1 point)
B. Their mom interferes (3 points)
C. They prioritize their work over you (4 points)
D. You get the job offer of your dreams… in another country (2 points)

6. How do you make it up to them?

A. You take them to a trip somewhere (2 points)
B. You propose to them (3 points)
C. You cook them a big dinner (4 points)
D. You never apologize (1 point)


20–24 points: You guys got married!

Congratulations! Fate knew it was picking the right couple to get together since you guys got married at the end of your Hallmark movie that probably played twelve times on Christmas. Nothing could get in the way of your love story.

15–20 points: You date but it doesn’t work out so you decide to stay friends

Sometimes things just don’t work out, but you still get a great friendship out of it which is just as awesome. You and your Hallmark lover are good friends. Plus, who knows? There’s always potential for a sequel and another chance at love.

9–14 points: You get together but mom interferes

Mother knows best, perhaps it was divine intervention she got in the way between you and your Hallmark lover. You could always do the secret lovers thing but if “Romeo and Juliet” taught high schoolers anything it should be that secret relationships never work out.

4–9 Points: You didn’t end up with them

Maybe it was bad timing, maybe mom AND dad interfered, either way you and your Hallmark lover just weren’t meant to be in this movie. But hey don’t feel too bad, pizza and ice cream still exist and they will never let you down. Where’s that Hallmark movie?!