Quiz: Which Fast Food Sandwich Should Be Your Date Tonight?

Will you get to eat the meat?

Quiz by Angelica Cruz and Dating and Sandwich Experts Guillermo Soza and Ferry Baylon

Let’s be real, sandwiches are truly the best candidate for a potential significant other. They’re nice to hold, never let you down, and sometimes they can be really cheesy.

This is exactly why you should take this quiz and see which sandwich deserves your loving tonight.

Instructions: Answer these six questions, and add up the numbers next to your answer. Once you get your total, scroll to the end to get the sandwich of your dreams.

1. What are you bringing your sandwich?

Flowers (2 points)
Basket of Candy (4 points)
Extra Ketchup (1 point)
Bottle of Wine (3 points)

2. What’s your budget?

Dollar menu, y’all (2 points)
Dine and dash (1 point)
The limit does not exist (3 points)
70 dollars (4 points)

3. Where are you taking them?

Fancy rooftop restaurant overlooking a gorgeous view of the city (3 points)
A romantic stroll on the beach (4 points)
Behind a Jack in the Box (1 point)
We’re Netflix and chilling (2 points)

4. What’re you wearing?

Clothes, obviously (3 points)
Something somewhat nice, but not too nice (4 points)
Nothing but whipped cream (2 points)
I’m wearing my wedding dress (1 point)

5. What’s for dessert?

I’m for dessert (2 points)
Shaved snow (4 points)
Milkshake with two straws (3 points)
Creme brulee (1 point)

6. Do you eat your sandwich at the end of the night?

Yes (1 point)
No, I don’t eat on the first date (2 points)
Only a nibble (3 points)
I don’t eat and tell (4 points)

If you got 4–9 points… McDonald’s Big Mac

You’ve got a big appetite which only a Big Mac can suffice. You’re somewhat of a cheapskate, but that doesn’t mean you’re not down for a good time.

If you got 9–14 points… Burger King’s Whopper

A burger fit only for royalty, you’re someone with pretty pricey tastes. However, the more expensive something is doesn’t necessarily mean it’s better.

If you got 15–20 points… In-N-Out’s Double Double

You’re all about being extra. Whether it’s an extra patty or just showering your lover with affection and gifts, you’re the type of person who gives a little too much. While that can be a good thing, it can also backfire in the long run.

If you got 20–24 points…. Jersey Mike’s Club Supreme

You’re an experienced dater, which is exactly why you get the Jersey Mike’s Club Supreme. It’s a lot of extra meat, cheese, and veggies to handle, but you’re ready for it. Now while it’s great to be confident, it can also be your downfall. So, don’t be too cocky.