Style Fit For Royalty

Crown’d is a fashion brand that even Rihanna would be in love with.

Stephanie Johnson poses in her at home studio. Photo taken by Stephanie Johnson.

Boss Women is a multimedia series by Jacquelyn Moreno where she will be speaking to women entrepreneurs about their resilience and how they shine through with their small businesses.

In the second episode of this series, business woman Stephanie Johnson discusses her fashion brand Crown’d Style.

Stephanie Johnson, 32, is someone who sets the bar high as a woman entrepreneur. A sociology major at Mt. SAC, Johnson also works as a business woman with her own online website called Crown’d Style.

Jackie Nevarez poses in the Off The Shoulder Stripped Set. Photo taken by Stephanie Johnson.

Growing up, Stephanie looked up to a hardworking single mother who cared for her and brother. As a young girl, she was always into fashion which carried into her adulthood. Since she loved to shop and had an eye for style, she decided to make it her job to work in the fashion industry. Her brother, who owns a business called Crown’d Automotive, gave her the idea for the name of her own brand.

Layla Mercer rocks the Cat Eye shades and the Don’t Get It Twisted Top. Photo taken by Stephanie Johnson.

Crown’d style is a mix of LA street wear to elegant dresses. Building her own sewing skills, Johnson makes her own pieces. However, for the most part she buys her online pieces through a whole sale market. The particular clothes chosen to be apart of Crown’d Style still holds an attachment to who she is as a business owner.

A fashion influencer Johnson looks up to is Rihanna. And while the idea to start her own brand came about four years ago, she was hesitant to launch her own site. But with a strong support system from her boyfriend and family, she finally launched the website.

Crown’d Style’s website

Although Johnson is still working toward a career based on her sociology degree, one she hopes involves working with at risk youth, she is still empowering and influencing other women to follow in her footsteps of being a well rounded go-getter.

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