Not Just a Shop, But a Family

OC Tattoo Shop in Westminster breaks the stereotype of tattoo shops.


The first time you walk into a tattoo shop to get your first tattoo, you may feel mixed emotions of nervousness, fear, and excitement. There are a lot of preconceived stereotypes that come to mind when you think of tattoo shops, and OC Tattoo in Westminster works to change those myths by providing a family like atmosphere in their day-to-day business.

Owner, Eddie Tana opened up OC Tattoo in 2013, however, Tana started tattooing in 1994 because of his love for tattoos. He started off at a shop in Hollywood, but then opened up a shop with a friend in 1999.

Tana had a partnership with another shop prior to the opening his own shop, but once they separated, OC Tattoo was born. OC Tattoo has gone through several different artists, but Tana said he feels that they have a really good team right now.

The thing that sets OC Tattoo apart from several other shops is the environment. Tana describes his group of artists as not only a team, but a family. Currently, the shop is home to several different artists including a couple of apprentices. Each artist has their own unique style and has had a different journey as to how they ended up at OC Tattoo.

A common “holiday” in tattoo shops is Friday the 13th. Whenever a Friday lands on the 13th of the month, several tattoo shops either give discounted tattoos or $13 tattoos with a required $7 tip.

With the $13 tattoos, the selection is often a small tattoo off of a flash sheet. Many of the designs tend to be Halloween-themed or have a hidden “13” somewhere in the design.

This last April, OC Tattoo released their flash sheet during the week of Friday the 13th with the theme “spring break forever.” Their flash included different designs for either $13 or $31 depending on the design a person chose.

OC Tattoo takes part in this “Friday the 13th” practice, but with a little twist that makes them different. With events like these, OC Tattoo uses it as an opportunity to raise money for various local charities.

Artist Charlene Ngo was the mastermind behind the idea of making Friday the 13th a charity event. Events like these attract many customers who often end up waiting in line all day for their $13 tattoo. However, OC Tattoo cuts the line off at around 9 p.m. and most times they don’t finish the last person until 3 a.m.

Given the fact that Friday the 13th brings in a lot of people, Ngo saw it as an opportunity to raise awareness local charities. Since people wait in line all day, OC Tattoo sets up raffles for their waiting guests. Customers have the chance to buy $5 raffle tickets for $500 toward their next tattoo at OC Tattoo.

All of the proceeds from the raffle are donated to whatever charity they’re raising money for at the event. But they don’t stop there. They also match the amount they get from the raffle, essentially doubling it, and donating that as well.

The organization that OC Tattoo donated their April 2018 proceeds to was Build Futures. Build Futures works to end youth homelessness in Orange County. Their goal is to help 18–24 year olds find homes and jobs by giving them the help and resources they need in order to become self-sufficient and independent.

Friday they 13th can be crazy and hectic at tattoo shops, but OC Tattoo sees it as a way to give back to the community. Even though it’s a long work day, the artists put in the hard work because they care, love what they do, and love where they work.

There are a variety of different reasons that make OC Tattoo stand out from other tattoo shops, but the biggest thing is their ability to create a family atmosphere once you walk into the shop. Tattoo shops can feel intimidating, but OC Tattoo makes you feel welcome, as if you’re with people you know even though you just met them.

They take their customer service seriously and believe that it is essential in any business. They work to break the stigma that tattoo artists are tough, rude, and selfish. They care about their clients and want to provide them with the best service they can get.

All of the artists are close like a family, and they try to extend that warm feeling to everyone who comes in the shop. Customers feel at ease the moment they are greeted at the door and leave with a smile on their face.

OC Tattoo is located in Westminster, CA. 7134 Garden Grove Blvd
(714) 899–1144

Thank you to Eddie Tana and the artists at OC Tattoo.