6 Reasons Why You Should Tip Your Server

If you don’t have enough money for food and a tip, stay home


Working in the food service industry requires plenty of patience along with a fake smile and laugh. Dealing with difficult customers, insane requests, and the dinner rush is worth it if at the end of the shift you bank in on tips. But nothing is worse than working your ass off for a table and getting nothing in return. Here are some reasons why you should tip your server.

For many servers, it is their primary source of income. Tips are where the money’s at! Given that their paychecks deduct a percentage of what they make (screw the government). In some states, people who work in the food service industry don’t even make an hourly minimum wage so servers depend on their tips to make a living.

If you’re a difficult customer and have your server going above and beyond, at least have the decency to acknowledge their hard work. Nothing is worse than sending back your food three times because it was “too salty” or “doesn’t have enough sauce.” Besides, it isn’t the server’s fault so don’t blame them for the cook’s mistakes. Tell a manager but tip the server.

Large parties are hell! This is especially true for restaurants that don’t add gratuity. It’s stressful having to fulfill everyone’s needs in a party of 25 while tending to other tables as well. Even worse is finding out that the birthday birthday dinner party of 10 that you worked so hard to accommodate tipped 10 percent on a $500 bill. Bonus points when your large party asks for spilt checks.

Servers deal with a lot of shit. Don’t come in 10 minutes before closing, take your time to eat, talk with your friend about your Tinder experiences over the weekend, and have someone waiting on you to finish so that they can finally clock out to find you left no cash on the table and signed $0.00 on the receipt.

Your child is yours, not the server’s. Cleaning up your baby’s throw-up isn’t in my job description, yet here I am wiping up little Timmy’s banana chunks.

Your server is good at their job, which is to take care of you the entire time you’re in the restaurant. This alone makes you a priority in someone’s life for a good hour, which you should appreciate. If that doesn’t deserve a tip, I don’t know what does.