How to Make Your Lashes Pop

Say goodbye to pricey lash extensions. Here’s an easy way to work your falsies

Graphic by Ang Cruz

Tons of ladies are spending tons of cash on eyelash extensions when they can get the same effect for a lot less. I’m here to show you some tips and tricks to putting on falsies. Trust me on this one, you’ll hardly see me without them. I wear fake lashes almost everyday.

Being a lash expert I know that putting them on is a lot easier than it actually looks. But in order to get a flawless result, there are some steps you’ll need to follow.

Graphic by Taylor Aldape.

Things you’ll need:

  • Tweezers
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • False eyelashes (duh)


A huge plus in using falsies is that you can buy different styles of lashes. Whether you’re in the mood for something glamorous or natural, there is something for everyone. This is also where you can save money on lashes because there is a big variety of really inexpensive brands. There is no comparison between extensions and falsies when you’re talking about price. I’ve heard horror stories of girls spending over $100 for something that may not even last two weeks.


Now for this step, you’re going to need some precision scissors and you’re going to cut your lashes to your lash line. This is very important because if you put on lashes that are longer than your lash line, your falsies will be poking at your eye. Some gurus may teach you to only cut on side of the lashes, but I cut both sides. This will make them look balanced.

Graphic by Taylor Aldape.

Tip: Make sure to cut your lashes at an angle and not straight. You want to cut the lashes in the direction of the false lashes, in order to maintain the curl and fullness of the lash.


This step may seem tedious, but trust me on this one because it’s a life saver. Once you put lash glue on your lashes, let the glue get tacky! If you don’t wait your falsies won’t stick to your lash line and everything will just go downhill from there. For most eyelash glues, the color will either deepen or change once tacky. If not just wait 40-60 seconds before applying.

Tip: Put on mascara before applying so everything blends together. You don’t want people to see your real lashes when you’re wearing fake ones.


The next tools you’ll need are some tweezers. Using tweezers allows you to more accurately put on your falsies and gives you better control. Now the best trick is to look down at your mirror, so you are able to get a good look at where you’re placing your lashes. Take your tweezers from the middle of the falsies and place them directly in the middle of your lash line. Now just stick on each end one at a time.

Video by Taylor Aldape.


Now some minor tricks to getting your falsies to looking natural is to make sure that your natural lashes and fake lashes are blending together. Once the falsies are glued to your lash line you want to pinch your lashes together to make everything come as one.

Tip: It may seem like you’ll poke your eye out, but you absolutely need to put eyeliner under you lash line. This will make your lashes bulletproof! Putting eyeliner on gives the illusion that your lash band is thicker and hides any exposed skin.

Eyelash extensions can be ridiculously priced and can cause some serious damage to your real lashes. Now that you know how to put on falsies you can go out there feeling confident knowing that you’re not breaking the bank but still looking good.

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