8 Ways To Not Smell Like Shit

A guy’s guide; from crusty and musty to clean and smelling like aquamarine


Men are individuals who work hard, get things done, and get our hands dirty. What we are not good at is knowing that we kind of smell like shit, and not know what to do to get rid of it. Funny enough, we overlook the simplest ways to keep ourselves clean and ready for the world. Here are eight ways to not smell like shit so you can go from having people run away from you when you say hello, to decently dateable and approachable.

1. Shower

We are of starting off strong because we all know that men don’t shower as much as we need to, and frankly that’s a bit nasty. The most important thing to do in the cleansing process of being dateable is to shower. Along with your shower, pick up some good shampoos and body washes (Not your five-in-one all purpose wash) that will leave you smelling like you came from the woods or the dryer.

2. Using deodorant

Put deodorant on. It sounds so simple yet some guys don’t put on deodorant in the morning. Put deodorant on every day before you leave the house, specifically an antiperspirant that fights the odors we omit throughout the day.

3. Change and wash your clothes (especially your underwear)

Another reason why a guy smells may be because he has been wearing the same clothes for the past three days, worn underwear in all different ways, and you haven’t decided to wash your clothes. This is another way to not smell like crap. Along with changing your clothes, one needs to wash all of their clothes at least one a week because of all the sweat and personal body odor that we give out throughout the day sticks on our clothes and stays there. Don’t just Febreeze it.

5. Brushing and Flossing

Another essential way to not smell is to brush your teeth. All the food that we eat and coffee we drink gets stuck in our teeth, leaving a bad smell in our mouths. The bad breath is a sure way to stay single. As a bonus, brushing your teeth can leave your teeth nice and white. Flossing may seem “extra” but with the food that gets stuck in between your teeth, the longer it stays there, the more time that piece of meat or lettuce get to begin leave a stench. Flossing at least once a day at night keeps your teeth clean and ready for the next day.

7. Change Your Diet

As crazy as this sounds, changing one’s diet to a healthier one can help stop releasing a certain deadly gas (you know the one). Instead of going for burgers, a cheesy pizza, or other greasy and unhealthy food, eat a salad or some vegetables.

8. Putting on Cologne

When it comes to cologne, it is not meant to cover up bad B.O. After a shower, (three sprays on your wrist and neck), you should be good to go as long as you don’t put too much or else you are back to square one.

To recap: TAKE. A. SHOWER!