Ditch Your Ride

8 tips to live your life without a driver’s license or car


Hate driving? Don’t know how? It is time to live your best driverless life. Feel good about reducing energy consumption and avoid the expensive hassle of owning a car. These tips can help you save money, improve your health, and even contribute to cleaning up the environment.

1. The obvious…Public Transportation

Avoid the infamous commuter suffering from boredom and lack of social experience. For a small fee, usually around fifty cents to three dollars, you can utilize your local bus or train system. Consider a monthly or annual pass. Be prepared to be on schedule or you will be left in the dust and miss your ride. Confused on which bus to take? Enter your destination on your Maps App and you will be given the bus number, departure time and location to catch your ride. This is ideal for a regular schedule for work or school.

2. Uber, Lyft

Don’t feel like waiting for that bus or train? Get your own personal ride straight to you on the Uber or Lyft app. Be cautious of peak hours in order to avoid a surge in pricing. This is ideal for immediate use for special occasions and after a night out on the town when public transportation is lacking.

3. Bird and Lime Scooters

These electric scooters are available via their apps and will charge you an immediate dollar to unlock the scooter followed by fifteen cents for every minute. Take the Lime safety pledge and get your free helmet (I have never seen anyone use a helmet). This is a super fun option but be aware some cities have regulations against them. Also those licensed drivers don’t seemed to be too thrilled, but that is not our problem.

4. Ride-share /Carpools Group

Many colleges, universities and communities have ride-share groups on Facebook where the driver posts their destination, price, and departure time in order to save money on gas, or earn some extra cash. You will either meet or be picked up by the driver. Be aware you are entering the car with a stranger, it may be packed and your experience will vary on driver. Also while it is an unofficial rule not to cancel, drivers are not liable for anything.

5. Biking

Start peddling and get some exercise! Hopefully you live in a community that caters to bikers with proper bike paths and designated places to lock your bike. Remember to signal people behind you with your left or right arm. Begin biking to class or work and you will instantly enhance your physical abilities. For dense populated areas, do not be intimidated when witnessing a bike accident. People have accidents every day, right?

6. Walking

Get those legs moving and enjoy your new exercise as a fellow pedestrian. Throw on some earphones to listen to your favorite music or simply enjoy your surroundings in the local area. Be sure to use crosswalks and do not be over trusting of drivers.

7. Family, Friends or Roommates

Hassle your known people for a ride. Do not be a backseat driver, have the best music, and provide excellent directions. Be the best company in the presence of your driver to avoid becoming their nuisance.

8. Remember…

You are enjoying your new physical abilities. You are saving money annually by avoiding purchasing a car, insurance and the ever-growing gas prices. Your new earth-friendly lifestyle will have you contributing to reducing energy consumption and pollutants. You may meet some interesting people and will feel more connected to your surrounding environment and culture.