This Faire Doth Taketh My Breath Away

Renaissance Faire continues to entertain


Food, beer, and corsets. At The Original Renaissance Pleasure Faire, The Ren Faire, these three items seem to be at every twist and turn when walking the grounds of the event. Starting in 1963, The Ren Faire has done nothing but grow and increase in entertainment each year while being held at the Santa Fe Dam Recreation Area in Irwindale. This event is meant for people to take a step back in time and escape reality as they wander the always packed booths.

One thing I’ve always loved about going to this event is how creative guests and employees get with their individual characters. Many people spend hours getting ready perfecting their attire and getting their 16th century character perfected. Each weekend, guests can come dressed as a different theme. For example, the weekend I went, it was pirate themed. Many people came in their best pirate attire and acted as if they just came back from a voyage at sea.

The best part is that if you don’t have a costume, that’s okay! There are booths and stands with costumes readily available for you to rent for the day. The costume prices range from $35-$75, depending on how fancy you’re trying to go.

Walking throughout the faire, I’ve always loved looking at the different stages that are built. There is always a show happening somewhere that attracts a crowd no matter what time it is. The funniest, raunchiest show to me is hosted by The Merry Wives of Windsor. They are an all female group that sing and play Folk and Celtic music. Their vulgar lyrics and brave personalities bring laughter throughout the crowd as they jump onto and off the stage with much enthusiasm.

One of the most crowded events is the jousting that happens towards the back of the event. The crowd goes wild as they cheer for their representative on their horse. Each knight goes through a number of rounds, trying to get as many points as they can. They end with the actual jousting. As long as the wood from their opponent’s lance or shield is smashed, they rack up points. The queen of the entire faire is in attendance and, as always, she makes the final decision.

Throughout the day, I got to see many shows, eat a lot of food, and try different drinks — both alcoholic and nonalcoholic. But one of the coolest things to see are the fairies that walk around and simply sit and stare off daydreaming.

At first glance, it’s almost as if the fairies don’t want people to admire their beauty. Body paint usually covers their entire body while they each have a different, unique type of makeup. Their characters never speak, but sometimes make high pitched noises or clicking with their tongues. I appreciate these fairies because they express unique personalities without saying a word.

This year’s Faire ran through May 19.