The Small Print at Coachella

Your guide to some of the more lowkey bands you might’ve missed, plus another chance to see them live again.

Photo by Holly Alvarado.

When you stare at the lineup for Coachella or any music festival, the first thing most people do is look straight at the top for the headliners to make sure that all the best and biggest artist of our time are there to perform. We might scan for a second or two at the next couple of lines searching for artists we like, but maybe after the fourth line we stop and realize “Eh, the headliners are good. Not really in the mood to look any further.”

It’s rare for someone to completely go all the way down to the bottom and get excited about an artist who’s way smaller and probably playing at 12 p.m. on one of the side stages. But to be completely honest, I am one of those few humans who take the time to read the whole lineup all the way to the bottom (yes, I literally sit there for a solid thirty minutes analyzing everyone that’s playing. Call me strange) just to make sure that some of the DIY and local Los Angeles artists I hold so dear to my heart are actually having slots.

And guess what, they are. Granted you’ll have to head mostly to the Sonora stage at Coachella to catch all the local indie and DIY artists (which in my opinion is one of the funnest stages to catch a set at because of its underground warehouse feel and the murals and art surrounding all of the venue). But since Coachella is over, and you now have more time to get to know them, I’ll take you through a closer look a couple of these artists.

These are the up and comings, the ones who have been the forefront of the bedroom-DIY scene for quite sometime now.

Bane’s World

Bane’s World performing at Coachella at the Sonora Stage. Photo by Holly Alvarado.

Bedroom artist Shane Blanchard hails from Long Beach, California. The 21 year old composes all of his music using only his laptop and the collection of instruments in his garage. After the release of his debut album “Drowsy” in 2016, it caught the attention of Mac Demarco and Tyler, The Creator putting his album and sound on the map.

Recomended for fans of: Mac Demarco, Cuco, Surf Curse, Homeshake, and Clairo

If you missed them at Coachella: No worries, they have a small tour going on in numerous places across the United States, including three in SoCal at The Glass House in Pomona, The Observatory in Santa Ana, and El Rey Theatre in Los Angeles.

The Buttertones

Photo by Holly Alvarado.

The SoCal based surf rock/garage group was formed in 2011 as a bedroom project for guitarist Richard Araiza, drummer Modesto Cobian, and ex-Cherry Glazzer bassist Sean Redman. After issuing their first cassette-debut off Los Angeles punk based record label Lollipop with huge success, they extended the group by adding guitarist Dakota Boettcher and bringing on saxophonist London Guzman.

The Buttertones are the forefront of the surf rock/garage punk wave. The group had a sweet evening slot at 7pm on Friday 4/13 at the Sonora stage.

Recommended for fans of: The Growlers, Beach Boys, The Frights, Together PANGEA, and Cherry Glazerr.

If you missed them at Coachella: Listen to their album, they have four out and are available on Amazon. If you’ve got a vinyl record player, their latest “Midnight In A Moonless Dream” is on sale for $19.99. And just so you know, they’re coming back to Los Angeles in October.

The Marias

Photo by Holly Alvarado.

Formed in Los Angeles in late 2016, The Marias are a hot and up and coming group with a sensual blend of jazz, psychedelia and funk. It is the love child of LA native, Josh Conway and Puerto-Rican bred, Atlanta-raised Maria. It’s easy to understand why their fans and stardom took off so quickly due to their sound and presence. Watching them takes you to an era such as the 70s and drifts you into a dream like state. Their set took place on Friday 4/13 at 3:55pm on the Sonora Stage.

Recommended for fans of: Michael Ceyer, Boy Pablo, Yellow Days, Angus & Julia Stone, and No Vacation.

If you missed them at Coachella: As part of the MOCA’s music series, The Marias will be performing at the museum on May 17 along with Jarina De Marco, Sister Mantos, and a DJ set from Chulita Vinyl Club.

Snail Mail

Photo by Holly Alvarado.

Growing up in Baltimore suburb city Ellicot City, Jordan began her classical guitar training at age 5. A decade later wrote her first singles as Snail Mail. Around this time Jordan was heavily influenced by her local scene and attending shows where she started the friendships that led her to create the band. By age 16, she was releasing her first EP Habit, on local punk label Sister Polygen Records. Since then. she has toured the country and has opened up for bands such as Girlpool and Waxahatcheee. She’s the queen of young angsty, indie-punk flavor that at the same time fills your heart with nostalgia.

Recommended for fans of: Girlpool, Japanese Breakfast, Frankie Cosmos, IAN SWEET, and Alvvays.

If you missed them at Coachella: While Snail Mail has been is now on a global tour with Japanese Breakfast, the band will be returning to Los Angeles in June.

Rex Orange County

Photo by Holly Alvarado.

English musician Rex Orange County has been one of the top artists when it comes to the ‘bedroom-crafting the whole album to yourself’ kind of wave, and has been on the most recent Tyler, The Creator album as well. While studying music at the BRIT school in London, he gained the skills to create his first debut album all while being a student blending of soul, jazz, hip-hop, and bedroom synth wave sound that has truly left him creating his own lane.

Recommended for fans of: Tyler, The Creator, Cosmo Pyke, Daniel Caesar, Kali Uchis, Frank Ocean and The Internet.

If you missed them at Coachella: While Rex Orange County is now also out of the country touring, he will be back in Los Angeles in August with two dates at the Fonda Theater and one at The Observatory.

Did you have any artists you think deserved some spotlight on them? Comment below and let us know!